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Daniel Hall’s Real Fast Info Empire

Real Fast Info Empire shows you how to create collaborative products which means for you…

More Cash In The Bank Products For You To Sell
Listen, I don’t care how prolific or brilliant you are, you can only produce so many winning products. By strategically teaming up with product co-creators you can have many more products to sell than just what you can do yourself.

Faster To Market
You’ve probably heard that money loves speed. That is true in my experience and its another important benefit of building your empire with collaborative products. You can consistently be publishing products that people will buy and do so with greater rapidity than if you only publishing your own stuff.

More Marketing Power
A huge benefit of choosing wisely a collaborative product partner is you get to springboard off their credentials and accomplishments to sell your collaborative product. For example, my friend and partner John Kremer has worked with and gotten endorsements from super-stars like Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson, Stephen Covey and Deepak Chopra. I get to claim those creds when selling our product.

More Selling Power
Some of your partners can be really great at selling especially the benefits of their own expertise which is usually rolled up into your product. Again, you get to ride on that fact and profit from it.

Build a Bigger List, Faster
I’m always preaching that my customers should be building their platforms. Collaborative products help to do that in a very real way because each new product effectively allows you to sell to the list you already have plus it appeals to markets outside your present circle and because of this you can grow a larger list when you follow a plan.

Increases Number and Profitability of JV Relationships
Publishing like every business is a people business. And when you carefully choose collaborative product partners YOU have the opportunity of increasing your sphere of influence dramatically. Why? Because of your collaborative partners JV partners and potential JV partners become your potential JV partners. With new JV’s comes new money and new opportunities.

You Learn More
I am constantly learning from my collaborative product partners. If there is a new skill or technology that I want to learn, I don’t buy a training, I publish a product on that topic.

Daniel Hall’s Offer

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