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John & Jay’s Video Knockout / TubeSpy Software Combo-Pack


Sell anything online with quick & easy “money videos!” (for dummies approved!)

John and I have earned mid-6 figures in the last 12 months — with dumb little “money videos” (yes, that’s exactly what we call ’em 😉 Because if you’re currently marketing anything online…literally anything at all, like:

  • Kindle ebooks
  • Fiverr info-gigs
  • Udemy video courses
  • Information products
  • Affiliate products
  • Coaching or consulting services…

…you must start using these powerful “money videos” for your own products and services immediately.

And with our “Video Knockout” course, we’ll show you how!

Comprised of 43 over the shoulder video trainings, this is one of the most valuable courses we’ve ever created (but it’s currently not available anymore, at any price!). We’re going to show you everything you’ll need to know about easy screen capture recording (for bot Mac and PC), studio recording , cell-phone camera videos, editing and hosting…even how to record and make money with hangouts & webinars! It’s a complete video business in a box, and you can access all of this training at a HUGE discount with this Black Friday Special Deal.

John & Jay’s Offer

Product Name: Video Knockout / TubeSpy Software Combo-Pack
Links: Sales Page   Customer support
Guarantee: 30 days
Original Price/Discount: $197   $37

vts_box114-114You’re also going to have lifetime access to the #1 YouTube research tool in the world…our Tube Spy Software! This groundbreaking tool works on both a PC and a Mac, and allows you to find the juiciest YouTube videos in almost any online niche, and use them to build your list, promote affiliate offers, Kindle ebooks, information products, Amazon physical products, etc. We’ll also show you how to make money with YouTube in some crazy “underground” niches without ever having to make a video yourself. It’s the easiest way to leverage YouTube traffic, period.


But that’s not all, because you’ll also be able to cash in with these “money videos” with our “9 Ways to Make Money with YouTube” training. From the YouTube Sponsored Ads program, to getting your video ranked on page 1 of Google, to creating Hollywood-style trailers for your Kindle ebooks…you’ll be blown away by this money-making training.