James and Jay’s Exclusive Bonus
7 Figure Cycle


TOTAL VALUE = $7,633.00


Bonus #1: Exclusive “Get ‘er Done” Live Webclass — Private Session w/7-Figure Cycle Creators (VALUE = $875.00)

Want to get off to the fastest possible start with this revolutionary new E-commerce model? That’s what we want for you as well…and that’s exactly why we’ve arranged this Private Training Session with with the creators of 7-Figure Cycle Method (and 8 figure Amazon Seller) Chris Keef & Todd Snively to get you up and running and profitable as quickly as possible. Please Note: this special training is NOT available to any other 7-Figure Cycle members. Only YOU will be invited to attend this exclusive webclass, as a subscriber of Jay and James.

Download the Audio-Only Version to Listen On-The-Go!

Bonus #2: “Secret Sales Data” Brain Dump — Instantly Find the Hottest-Selling Amazon Products (VALUE = $499.00)

Discover how to find the best-selling, most profitable products that you can start selling right away — by knowing exactly how to filter Amazon’s entire database by category, price, sales to find untapped gems you can capitalize on. Watch over her shoulder as Amazon sales data ninja Stacey Swift reveals exactly how you can “read the numbers” and take the risk & guesswork out of finding profitable Amazon products to sell.

No theory here — you’re going to learn exactly how to find the hottest niches, products, and hidden opportunities!


Bonus #3: Our Own “Zero Risk” $1,000.00 Guarantee — You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose! (VALUE = $1,000.00)

We want to take all of the risk off the table for you and give you complete peace of mind that you’re making the right decision by enrolling in the 7 Figure Cycle today…and that’s why we’re offering an additional $1000 “Zero Risk” Bonus in addition to Aidan and Steve’s already generous 2x Guarantee! All you need to do is go through the entire program, attend the live trainings, reach out for help with their support if you get stuck, get your products up following the 7 Figure Cycle system — and if for some reason you STILL don’t make a single sale after six months time, we’ll send you $1000 right to your Paypal! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as long as you follow the training and take action.


Bonus #4: “Amazon Crystal Ball” Software — Discover Hot-Selling Products Before Anybody Else (VALUE = $1,899.00)

Worried about staying ahead of the competition? Don’t be! Because this special bonus will give you an unfair advantage over every other Amazon seller out there. Here’s how: imagine if you could look into the future and see E-commerce trends and hot product opportunities.
James will show you how to use a secret push-button tool that will allow you to do just that — It’s called “The Amazon Crystal Ball” and you get lifetime access to it with your enrollment in the 7-Figure Cycle program.


Bonus #5: Physical Products that Sell Like Crazy — Eight Weeks of Done For You Product Research (VALUE = $1,375.00)

Wondering what kind of products to sell, and exactly how to find them? Well don’t worry — we’re doing all the research for you, so you won’t have to!

In this exclusive weekly service, we’re going to send you 8 weekly research reports packed with 25 products each week that have already been approved by Aidan and his team. Simply plug any of these products into the 7 Figure Cycle, and you’ll be off to a fast & profitable start right out of the gate! (First batch to be delivered the week of February 12th…check back from week to week for more!)

Week #1
Week #5
Week #2
Week #6
Week #3
Week #7
Week #4
Week #8

Bonus #6: “Facebook Ads For Physical Products” MasterClass Training – (featuring Jay & James’ own Facebook Advertising Expert David Schloss): (VALUE = $750.00)

If you’ve never done any kind of Facebook advertising before, we’ve got you covered here as well because you now have access to a training with Facebook Advertising Expert David Schloss. FYI — David runs all of Jay and James’ Facebook ad campaigns, and is an absolute master at promoting physical products. Watch this training when you’re ready to start sellin your E-com products outside of Amazon to discover how to set up your Facebook ad account, create and submit your first ad, use the power editor, and everything else that you need to know re: the process of getting your first Facebook ad up and running and making you money!

Facebook Ads For Physical Products (slides)
Facebook Ads for Physical Products (video)

Bonus #7: How to Get Glowing Video Reviews For Your E-commerce Products – Over-the-Shoulder Video Training (VALUE = $150.00)

We’ll show you exactly hot to reach out to the “Power Reviews” to give you glowing product reviews, which will help you pre-sell the customer on buying your product. And as an additional bonus: these reviewers can also drive massive targeted traffic directly to your Amazon products!

Getting Your Product Reviewed
List of Unboxers

Bonus #8: Youtube Niche Marketing — Send Viral Video Traffic Directly to Your Products (VALUE = $235.00)

Want to tap into the millions of Youtube video viewers who are looking for products just like yours right now…without ever having to create a video yourself? In this exclusive training series, Jay shows you the secret to funneling super-targeted viral video traffic directly to your Amazon products in order to explode your sales and profits with the 7 Figure Cycle system!


Bonus #9 Done-For-You eCommerce Funnel — Cut-and-Paste Product Funnel (VALUE = $350.00)

Done-For-You eCommerce Funnel

Just plug your own 7 Figure Cycle products into this proven, high-converting ClickFunnels sales sequence, send some traffic from Facebook ads, and watch the sales roll in! We got this proven E-commerce funnel from our friend Russell Brunson himself, who has used it to generate over $17,000 per day in product sales. When you’re ready to start promoting your best selling 7 Figure Cycle products outside of Amazon, you’ll be able to drop them right into this funnel and start multiplying your E-commerce profits!


FBonus #10: Flipping Paradise — Turn your 7 Figure Cycle Business into a HUGE Payday (VALUE = $500.00)

Did you know that people are buying profitable Amazon and Shopify E-commerce businesses for hundreds of thousands of dollars — right now at a website called Flippa? It’s true, and this training program will show you exactly how to “cash out” of your 7 Figure Cycle business and sell it for a huge instant payday typically worth ten times your monthly sales (or more!). This exclusive video training program was created by one of the most profitable “flippers” in the world, and will take you by the hand and show you how to transform your 7 Figure Cycle business into hard cold cash when you decide it’s time to retire.

Flipping Paradise Digital Guide


Flipping Paradise Module 1


Flipping Paradise Module 2


Flipping Paradise Module 3


Flipping Paradise Module 4


Flipping Paradise Module 5


Flipping Paradise Module 6


TOTAL VALUE = $7,633.00

Fast Action Bonus: James’ Amazon Side Business that earns $2000 – $6000 per month

James is going to teach you this business from scratch and even show you the exact product that you will be selling to earn $2000 – $6000 per month.

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