Jay’s Exclusive Commission Hero Bonus


Bonus #1: Live Facebook Advertising Training (with Jay’s own “Facebook Guy”)

If you’re new to Facebook advertising, don’t worry because you’ll be getting access to an exclusive training for all Overnight Freedom members with Facebook Advertising Expert David Schloss (who runs all of Jay’s Facebook ad campaigns). In this special training, David shows you how to set up Facebook ad account, use the power editor, create and submit your first ad, and many other aspects re: the process of getting your first Facebook ad up and running and making you money! VALUE: $750.00
Live Facebook Advertising Training with David Schloss (slides)

Bonus #2: Up to 5 Royalty Free Stock Photos

To help you get off to the fastest and most profitable start with your new “Overnight Freedom” business, Jay is going to purchase 5 stock images of your choice at Depositphotos.com that you can use in your Facebook ads! This is exactly how Jay found his most profitable ad image that he used in his $13k case study, and now YOU will be able to browse from over 100 million images for your own ads at the Deposit Photos website, and let Jay and his team know which ones you’d like then to purchase for you. VALUE: $199.00

Here’s how to claim this bonus:

  1. Go to depositphotos.com
  2. Browse for up to 5 images that you’d like to use for your ads
  3. Copy & past the url of each image that you select (i.e. the page where you find the single image displayed on the Deposit Photos website)
  4. Send up to 5 links to Erin at Jay’s help desk at [email protected], and Jay will purchase the images for you and send them back to you.
  5. Thanks for your patience!
  6. Please find all of the images you are going to want us to purchase for you in one request, thanks!


Bonus #3: High Dollar Affiliate Programs

In this valuable training series consisting of 25 over-the-shoulder videos, million dollar affiliate marketer James Jones reveals how to uncover highest-commission affiliate networks that offer the most profitable products — that you can join free right now! You’ll also discover the four most lucrative affiliate product markets (that are NOT in the Internet Marketing industry). Finally, you’ll receive an 89 page manual to go along with the videos, so you can cut right to the chase and review all of this training in a handy PDF Guide (if you’re an old-school text-based learner like Jay and James ;). VALUE: $499.00

High Dollar Affiliate Programs