My Gift: Graphics Mega-Pack 2.0

Hi It’s Jay — Thanks for Staying a Subscriber of Mine!

Please Enjoy This Cool Gift (worth $47.00) with My Compliments:


Hey there it’s Jay! And I’m really pleased that you still want to stay a subscriber of mine — so I can continue to send you the latest & greatest in “what’s working” right now in the world of digital publishing & online marketing.

Here’s an awesome bonus that I put together for you to show my appreciation for wanting to stay connected: it’s a product of mine that I typically sell for $47.00 called The Graphics Mega-Pack!

Prepare to be blown away by around 12k images that you can use for your websites, blogs, or ads. Just right click and save as on whichever image packs you want, and then unzip them once you have them on your computer.

There are two main groups. The Graphics Packs contain graphical images, while the Images Packs contain stock photography on 15 different topics.

Go ahead and download them all at the links below, and feel free to use them with my compliments in any way that you like (I’m giving you complete personal usage rights to them…enjoy!).



3-D Characters

Landscape Mega-Packs