How to Protect Your Online Business

Jay’s Exclusive “FTC Guardian” Bonus:
How to Protect Your Online Business



FTC Guardian Bonus Documents

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FTC Guardian Bonus Documents



How to Protect Your Paypal Account

Here is the recording of the “Members Only” live training, including interviews from super-sellers James J. Jones, Darren Scott Monroe, Neil J. Boyer “the PayPal lawyer”, and explanation of PayPal “Best Practices”, and much more.

Payment Protect Live Training



SPECIAL REPORT – Paypal Terms of Service Explained

PayPal Terms of Service Explained



How to Get Your Paypal Account Back in 24 Hours

I sincerely hope that you will never have your PayPal account limited (like I did), but if it is this may help you… Here is the exact letter that I used to get my PayPal account back within 4 hours of emailing it to a couple dozen PayPal administrators.

While I can’t promisse that it will create the same results for you, I can tell you that I have shared this with other people and it has helped them as well.

This letter has been customized for all 50 states in the U.S… simply pick the state that you live in, enter your own information specific to your account and situation, and shoot it off to the email addresses included at the end of the letter.

50 Customized PayPal Letters
My Magic PayPal Letter



Your Payment Protect Quick-Reference Guides

Below you will find THREE invaluable Payment Protect CHEETSHEETS…
15 Things To Do if Your Account is Limited
18 Rules to Keeping Your Account Safe
PayPal Acceptable Use Policy