GTW to Zapier Encore Webinar Integration

  1. Export your list from GTW
  2. Create a new google sheets doc and paste the first name, last name and email columns (delete the top junk first, don’t need that) – add a 4th random column (blank for now is fine, just give it a name, doesn’t matter if anything is in it or not or what you call it.)
  3. Create a new Zap. Trigger on Google Sheets -> Updated Row, Trigger is GoToWebinar -> Create Registrant
  4. Fill out the fields and give the zap a name (pretty straightforward, you can consult the videos when I send those over tonight)
  5. On the Zapier home page, run the Zap (zero results found)
  6. In the google sheet, put something into that new field you created, (a 1, a random letter, a word, again doesn’t matter) then drag the corner of that box down to update ALL fields with that value
  7. Run the Zap again (or just wait for it to run automatically in 5-15 minutes depending on your account level) – it’ll find a bunch of records.
  8. Check your email – most likely the huge influx of tasks is going to cause it to pause and need approval. Click the link, approve it, and wait.
  9. That’s it…over the next hour or two (depending on the number of registrants) they’ll all be imported.