Jay’s Exclusive Bonus: Harlan Kilstein’s “6 in 6 Program”


10 “Done-For-You” Articles & Images For Your Pet Site:

Just send me 10 titles for your article and a keyword that you’d like to use for each, and I will have our own on-staff blog writer create 10 original articles for you, and provide 10 cool images to match! This bonus (along with Harlan’s Done-For-You website service) will make your pet site almost completely hands-off for you, so that you can focus on monetizing your new pet business (Please send your request for this exclusive bonus to [email protected] with “Harlan Kilstein Bonus” in the subject line, and we will deliver this to you as soon as we can).


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Traffic Recycling

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Traffic RecyclingMindmap

This is your opportunity to learn all about Traffic Recycling, which is the reuse and multiplication of traffic for the sake of getting even more traffic, more authority and more money.

This is powerful stuff! Learn how to:

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  • But really, there’s way more…

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YouTube Traffic System


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