Jay and James’ Exclusive Bonus – Health Profits Academy


1. Exclusive Training with Amazon’s “Million-Dollar Supplement King” (Value = $497)

“Mr. X” has asked us to not reveal his identity in order to ensure that his uber-successful Amazon product line remains a secret…but you’ll get exclusive access to this private training with your investment in Bucks course. While Mr. X’s name cannot be revealed, there’s no secret about this fact: he’s one of the most successful supplement sellers on Amazon, and he’s built a million-dollar business in less than 12 months selling these high-value health products. He has agreed give you an “Insider’s Tour” of this secret niche, showing you how you can cash in with these super-lucrative health products on Amazon!

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The JJ Fast team will be “in the trenches” with you. In fact, we’re taking notes for our business and we’re sharing the exact notes we’ve taken as Buck does his magic for us all and works through all 6 weeks of material. Of course, our PDF Cheatsheets always come with legendary quality. You’ll love ’em!



First, we’re going to do a full and complete review of what supplements are hot on Amazon, but we’re also going to be using a proprietary ranking system to give you an unfair competitive advantage. This is 100% unique, one-of-a-kind market intelligence. Next, we’re going to translate all of our “mad scientist” data into a beautiful and interactive mindmap that you can use to do your own research, so you can find the perfect product to sell on Amazon but also off of Amazon using what Buck’s teaching us. This is the edge that no one else can provide and quite frankly we’re reluctant to share with anyone because it’s just that good.

Amazon Supplement Best-Seller Mindmap

If you need a program to read the mind map file, these are our 2 favorite resources:
FreeMind       xMind      



Do you ever wonder what you should do first? Or second, or third? Ever get frustrated about the “small stuff” because it stopped you dead cold in your tracks? Fear not! Our unique Action Checklist is meant to do one thing for YOU: Ensure that you take exactly the right action at exactly the right time. We’ll be watching Buck step-by-step and we will make sure all the steps necessary for outrageous success are captured. If you love checkslists this is a dream come true. This is 1-2-3 paint by numbers simplicity that’ll save your bacon!


5. Case Study: How to Use Facebook Ads to Sell Your Supplements

In this over-the-shoulder video training, James shows you exactly how to get laser-targeted traffic from Facebook…and send them directly to your health supplement offer. Please Note: this is not your typical training on Facebook ads, because you’ll discover how to get highly motivated traffic without spending a penny, (and without posting ads!).


6. “Insider’s Only” Interview – (with James’ Supplement Company Account Rep)

In this exclusive training, you’ll be a “fly on the wall” as you listen to James’ conversation with his account representative as they discuss the hottest markets & product trends RIGHT NOW in the health supplement industry. You’ll discover from an industry insider which products are hot, and supplements you should NEVER consider selling yourself.

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