Jay & Daniel’s Exclusive “Learn Scrivener Fast” Bonus


“Kindle Recycling” Live Bonus Training

recycling-logoOn this exclusive Live Bonus Training, Jay will show you how breathe fresh air into your “underperforming” non-fiction Kindle ebook titles, transform them into a high-value digital information product, and and relaunch them to generate 50 – 100 times the revenue for you than the original Kindle ebook. Even better, you’ll be able to generate recurring passive income from this products that will sell for years to come…even while you’re sleeping! Jay’s earned thousands with this Kindle “recycling” system, and now YOU will be able to do the same as a brand new Publish Academy members. – (This bonus training will be recorded and posted to this bonus page if you can’t make it…Date to be announced)

Kindle Recycling Slidedeck


3 “Done-For-You” Book Funnels

Jay wants to share his 3 best book funnels with you today as part of this exclusive bonus, which will basically allow you to “go pro” with your Amazon book publishing business. The best part is that there’s all self hosted via Click Funnels, which means you won’t even need a website to starting using them to sell more of your own books. All he asks is that you please DO NOT share these with anybody, because he’s spent quite a bit of time and money optimizing them.

FYI — Here’s a little information about these 3 “super-funnels”:

  1. The first funnel has added over 8000 Kindle book buyers to Jay’s email subscriber list (which allows him to drive any book to #1 Best-Seller within 24 hours).
  2. The 2nd funnel will allow you to do the same thing with your paperback books, by offering a “free gift” of your Kindle ebook version to them.
  3. Jay borrowed the third funnel from my buddy Russell Brunson, who just sold over 26,000 copies of his new book with it (and used it to generate an additional $2.1 million in “back end” sales).

Click on this link to download all of these funnels (and be sure to watch the short “implementation” video at the top of the page):
Jay’s 3 Best Book Funnels


Kindle List Explosion

Kindle List Explosion Guide


Daniel Hall’s “Advanced Kindle Marketing Training”

Your registration gets you access to the following bonuses:

  • Kindle Marketing Secrets: Smart authors (and profitable authors) know you must market the books as well. In this short course you’ll get the specifics of how to market every Kindle book.
  • How to Uncover the Hottest Kindle “Money Niches”: Even great marketing can’t sell books in bad niches. Make sure your book is in a niche where it has at least a fighting chance. This short course on niche research and development can help you develop your book topic in an area with proven buyers.
  • Winning Book Awards & Getting Great Pro Reviews
  • Writing a Media Friendly Book
Click here to register for all four of these valuable bonus programs from Daniel Hall

Amazon Book Cover Secrets

Amazon Book Cover Secrets PDF Training


40+ Book Cover Templates

Jump to: All Purpose CoversFiction CoversTypography Covers

You can edit any of the covers below using Photoshop or Gimp, or follow the directions in this video to create a 3d version of your cover:

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All Purpose Covers


Fiction Covers


Typography Covers