John & Jay’s Exclusive Trinity Code Bonus Package

IMPORTANT: We’ve crafted this exclusive bonus package with one purpose in mind: to help you get the most out of this amazing Trinity Code system. To do this we have personally gone through the entire Trinity Code training ourselves, and assembled this valuable bonus package to help you get up, running, and PROFITABLE as quickly as possible with your new business.

Exclusive BONUS #1 (Value = $497)

Authority Hybrid

Authority Hybrid is Aidan’s #1 selling start-to-finish Adsense authority site training program.
This course SOLD OUT in under 7 days when it was first released (at a price of $497), and has been off the market ever since. You can’t buy access to this course anywhere, because it has officially sold-out. The only way you can get access to this training program is through this bonus offer…

Inside Authority Hybrid you’ll discover:

  • The Adsense authority site method responsible for bringing in $23,612/month in “hands-off” income
  • Over 200 pages of step by step guidance to ENSURE you’re able to replicate these results and earn money from Adsense websites
  • 51 “over my shoulder” videos showing you the EXACT Adsense blueprint and demonstrating all the methods on a REAL site (which you’ll see) to ensure you understand it all!

Exclusive BONUS #2 (Value = $47/month)

Domains on Fire

Domains on Fire is our amazing domain research tool and you can find out a little more about it by watching this video

  • We add between 500,000 and 1 million domain names to the database every 24 hours, so new and profitable opportunities appear every single day!
  • You can identify AVAILABLE domain names that are (or have been) ranked in the top 10 of Google so you can register and re-rank them and begin generating income.
  • You’ll have the ability to pin point domains with PR which you can use to create private link networks that’ll help boost the rankings of your ‘money sites’.
  • This tool is essential for Domainers, because you’ll uncover high value domains that can be acquired on the cheap then sold on for hundreds, even thousands of dollars
  • Domains on Fire can help you secure the best domains for any online project… ecommerce… affiliate marketing… local marketing… and the list goes on.
  • It is a MASSIVE time saver. With countless filtering options and combinations available, you can dig out the domains that matter quickly and easily.
  • In some months Domains on Fire could be worth $200 to you. In others, it could be worth $2000 or more! If you use domains in ANY way, this tool is an absolute necessity.

    Exclusive BONUS #3 (Value = $997 )

    Trinity Code Authors Implementation Workshop

    One of the reasons why Jay and John are so excited about this Trinity Code System is because it’s the perfect vehicle to send a tsunami of targeted buyers to your Kindle and Createspace books every day like clockwork. Amazon loves to see external traffic sources like this, and it never fails to reward these publishers with higher rankings & royalties. We have arranged a private training session with Aidan Booth himself to show you exactly how to use the tools and training available in the Trinity Code system to give all of your existing Kindle books a huge boost of potential book buyers…for FREE!


    Exclusive BONUS #4 (Value = $47)

    Commission Blueprint Evolution

    Commission Blueprint Evolution is an affiliate marketing course that we released last year. People who get access to this product will receive the following.

    The Workbook: Firstly, we’re going to hand you the main Commission Blueprint Evolution workbook – A step by step manual that could enable you to quit your day job in a matter of weeks! (The harder you work, the faster that’ll happen) This 115 page workbook is filled with PURE content showing you exactly how to replicate our methods to the tee to maximise your chances of success.
    The Videos: Then, you are going to get NINE full length instructional videos that will take you through specific techniques from the manual which will propel you to bank by laying out the processes in an easy to copy fashion.
    The Software: Of course, there is ‘software’ and there is ‘software’… but let me reassure you that these tools are the real deal. They have been designed specifically to work with the techniques we show you in the course… and as a result they will magnify your chances of success ten fold…
    The Templates: We are going to hand you 3 proven and fully adjustable templates that’ll generate massive commissions for you from the off.


    Exclusive BONUS #5 (Value = $497)

    The Quick $500/month Webinar

    We actually ran an 80 minute webinar a few months ago explaining how making $500/month or more (…or much much more) is possible by doing ‘Client’ projects, even if you are relatively new to internet marketing.
    People will get a ton of tips, tricks and advice about how to get more SEM clients, increase the perceived value of what you are offering and charge your clients more money. This is pure content, nothing to buy at the end of the webinar or anything like that…


    Exclusive BONUS #6 (Value = $ 497)

    $10K Books System

    Quite frankly, this is one of the most valuable courses we have ever offered, and it will very likely never be available again. Why? Because inside you’ll discover our secret system to offering book services to well-heeled clients…and charging $10,000 or more over and over again.

    That’s right, if you’ve ever published a Kindle or Createspace paperback book to Amazon, you can start cashing 5-figure paychecks with these very same skills that you probably take for granted. Once again, this is an exclusive bonus available only to our new Trinity Code members.

    Exclusive BONUS #7 (Value = $ 197)

    Premium Graphics Pack

    One of the biggest challenges you face when creating a new project are getting graphics..
    And graphics fees can add up, whether you hire a designer or buy pre-made graphics and templates… $10 here for a web button, $40 there for a web banner and more complicated graphics can cost much more.

    So to save you both time and money, we have put together this premium graphics pack consisting of 3 separate graphics packages and 225 different graphics elements all together.

    Exclusive BONUS #8 (Value = $37)

    Attention Grabber plugin

    My never-before-released “Attention Grabber Plugin” that’ll boost your income by 10.53% AND improve your critical Engagement metrics (which will help boost your rankings and have you earning even more money!)

    Eye catching non-intrusive “attention grabbing” image that allows you to redirect your visitors WHERE EVER you want them to go…so you can control your visitor path and make MORE money…

    Improve your conversion rate by funnelling your visitors to the EXACT place that makes you money – this puts MORE MONEY in your pocket….


    Exclusive BONUS #9 (Value = $497)

    Video Knockout

    No one on Earth owns Video Knockout yet since it’s completely new. Everyone’s going to want this, but you get it as our gift.

    I can’t tell you everything about it yet because we need to keep parts of secret, but I can tell you this…

    It’s a full, complete, 360 degree “view” of online video marketing. It covers everything from webinars to studio recording, and even mobile video production. Even our close JV partners will be surprised when they see this!

    At a bare minimum, you will discover everything about:

    • screen recording
    • sales and training webinars
    • studio camera recording
    • mobile video production
    • simple content editing
    • video editing and hosting
    • video cross promotion
    • video outsourcing secrets

    (But also… stuff like video rendering, using royalty free images, getting MP3s with one click, and way more!)

    And that’s not even scratching the surface of this new, soon-to-be released training and coaching program that you get when you invest in Trinity Code today.

    We easily make at $20K or more from simple 5-7 minute videos, perfectly designed and set up. We maximize it, and we show YOU how to do it, too. All with simple tools and free services.

    Exclusive BONUS #10 (Value = $500)

    $500 JJ Fast Coupon
    (or iPad Mini…your choice!)

    That’s right, you get to pick:

    1. A $500 coupon that you can use to purchase any current (or future!) JJ Fast trainings & products, or…
    2. For those of you that already have everything we’ve ever done, we’ll send you an iPad Mini right to your doorstep.

    You tell us which bonus you prefer, and we’ll send it to you right away after the 30-day refund period expires for your Trinity Code purchase!

    Bonus Value

    What is the Value of All These Bonuses?

    The “real world” value of these bonuses is impossible to quantify, because you’re getting so much personal attention from 4 proven Amazon experts.

    But, let’s try…just to put it into perspective:

    1.) Authority Hybrid


    2.) Domains on Fire


    3.) Trinity Code Implementation Workshop


    4.) Commission Blueprint Evolution


    5.) The Quick $500/month Webinar


    6.) $10K Books System


    7.) Premium Graphics Pack


    8.) Attention Grabber plugin


    9.) Video Knockout Course


    10.) $500 JJ Fast Coupon





    Total Value =


    Of course, those are our Bonuses for you!
    Here’s What You Get with Your Trinity Code Purchase:

    Full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

    Sign up today and if you’re not 100% thrilled with the tools, templates, and training inside the Trinity Code members area, as well as the personal coaching from Aidan, Steve, and Tim, all you need to do is just raise your hand and say “fellas, this just isn’t for me.” No problem: they’ll send you a full refund right away, no questions asked.

    Now it doesn’t get any better than that right? All the risk has been removed from this decision for you, and all that you need to do right now is click the “Add to Cart” to get started right away! But you must hurry, as the doors will close at 12 PM EST so that Aidan, Steve, and Tim can begin coaching their new students to $1000 per month income within the next 60 days.