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Book Cover Genius


Book Cover Design 101

Book Cover Design 101 PDF Training



Amazon Book Cover Secrets

Amazon Book Cover Secrets PDF Training



Advanced Print on Demand Paperback Cover Design



20 Pro-Style Book Cover Templates

These 20 professional templates are brilliant. Using them is very simple. In just 15-20 minutes you can have your own excellent book cover…high quality, sharp looking and just plain awesome.

After you watch this video, it’s time to get your templates and the videos that explain exactly how to use them. You can see a sample of all 20 covers below.

  Click on the save button to download the cover template files.
  Click on the video instructions button for instructions to modify that specific cover template.























Tony Laidig’s Illustrated Books “Super-Bonus”



Easy Book Content

Introduction & Foundation
Writing Your Content
Public Domain Content
Image Content
Other People’s Content
Publishing Your Content


PS Instant Expert

PS Secret “Back Door” Link
How to Edit Images
Working with Text
Getting Started with Photoshop
Working with Tools
Working with Filters
Creating Photoshop Files
Working with Layers


Author’s Advantage Software

Author’s Advantage Software



DiY Bestseller Video Training

DiY Bestseller Training PDF Guides



Kindle Publishing Toolkit

Kindle Publishing Toolkit including:

  • Format & Publish Guide
  • Kindle Template
  • Kindle Checklist
  • Kindle Promotion Guide