Jay and James’ Exclusive “Quit Your 9-to-5 Academy” Bonus

Jay and James’ Exclusive “Quit Your 9-to-5 Academy” Bonus


Bonus #1: Live Facebook Advertising Training (with Jay’s own “Facebook Guy”)

If you’re new to Facebook advertising, don’t worry because you’ll be getting access to an exclusive training for all Quit 9 to 5 Academy members with Facebook Advertising Expert David Schloss (who runs all of Jay’s Facebook ad campaigns). In this special training, David shows you how to set up Facebook ad account, use the power editor, create and submit your first ad, and many other aspects re: the process of getting your first Facebook ad up and running and making you money! VALUE: $750.00

Live Facebook Advertising Training with David Schloss (slides)


Bonus #2: Software: Monetization Expert

Monetization Expert Software will allow you to partner with Affiliate Products for any niche or keyword. You simply enter a keyword phrase and the one-click search feature quickly returns affiliate products from major affiliate networks as well as independent companies.

Monetization Expert Software also has a repository of companies that offer Pay Per Click, Pay Per Call, Pay Per Lead, Pay Per View and many more monetization methods. And finally the software provides training on Affiliate Marketing, Monetization How To and High Paying Affiliate programs. VALUE: $297.00

Click here to access the Monetization Expert software…

Bonus #3: “Done For You” Landing Page Setup (from Jay’s Tech Guy)

Not technically inclined? Don’t worry…Let Jay and his staff set up your first landing page for you! You’ll have access to Blaine Moore — Jay’s full-time tech guy for the last 6 years — who will help you set up your landing page using the templates available to all Quit 9 to 5 Academy members. All you need to do is send Jay the text and images that you want included on the landing page, and Blaine will take care of the rest and connect it to your own Clickbank offer with your affiliate link, so that you’ll be ready to start generating commissions as soon as possible! VALUE: $499.00

Submit your request to set up a meeting with Blaine via Jay’s Help Desk at [email protected]

The details that you need to include are:

  • What are your FTP login credentials?
    (Include the server name, username, and password – these can be found in your welcome letter from your hosting company. Alternatively, Blaine can send you the files to upload yourself if you prefer.)
  • Attach the quiz image (or provide a link to where it can be found)
  • What is the New Headline?
  • What is the description you want to use below the headline?
  • What are your 4 questions? (What are the answers, if not Yes/No?)
  • What text do you want on the final quiz page? (Congratulations message, bullet points they have to agree to, etc)
  • What email address do you want on your contact page?
  • What is the hoplink to your offer from ClickBank?


Bonus #4: High Dollar Affiliate Programs

In this valuable training series consisting of 25 over-the-shoulder videos, million dollar affiliate marketer James Jones reveals how to uncover highest-commission affiliate networks that offer the most profitable products — that you can join free right now! You’ll also discover the four most lucrative affiliate product markets (that are NOT in the Internet Marketing industry). Finally, you’ll receive an 89 page manual to go along with the videos, so you can cut right to the chase and review all of this training in a handy PDF Guide (if you’re an old-school text-based learner like Jay and James ;). VALUE: $499.00

High Dollar Affiliate Programs