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“The Science of Getting Rich” with Rebecca Fine

I can’t think of anybody else that has done more with monetizing content in the public domain…than my friend Rebecca Fine. If you’re not familiar with her remarkable story: in 1998, Rebecca took an obscure public domain book called “The Science of Getting Rich” and gave it away for free on her website — and since then she’s built a HUGE and very lucrative business around this single book (that’s available to anybody in the public domain!).

Ready to discover exactly how she did it? Well, as an exclusive bonus to everybody that invests in Tony’s course, you can watch this Live Training with Rebecca herself, where we presented an “insider’s only” case study training on how how she leveraged this public domain book into an instant success story (and a very profitable new business!).

This is a big deal, because Rebecca has never revealed these money-making public domain secrets before on a Live interview (and it’s only available to brand new Proven Content members!).


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