Upsell Monster

Start with The Flow Reference. In this training you’ll see the actual set up of your own front end and back end sales funnel in a very clear way. It’s rather ugly but extremely useful.

The next set of content for the Upsell Monster will help you get your mind around the power of upselling, downselling and offering One Time Offers (OTOs). Learn how to make money, make money faster, who to target and much more.

This the Over-the-Shoulder content you need to understand your two major sales pages and your two major download pages. You will see all 4 pages of a REAL EXAMPLE and this makes the Upsell Monster very clear… you’re going to love this.

As a very special BONUS you’re getting access to the “Front End / Back End” WarriorPlus (WSO Pro) Step-By-Step set up for an OTO. This is extremely powerful stuff… soon, you’ll understand the Ninja Magic that is currently being used by elite Warriors only!