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We will create a custom sales page for one Whitelabel Millionaire software product of your choice from the WLM members area, and set it up on your own hosting service. When you’ve reviewed all of the Whitelabel Millionaire training and are ready for us to set up this product for you, please submit a support ticket at http://jjfasthelp.com with the subject line “Whitelabel Millionaire Done For You Bonus” and we’ll let you know exactly what we need from you to make this happen!

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These advanced trainings were created by some of the most successful PLR publishers in the world…it’s over 6 hours of over the shoulder instruction, and will get you off to a super-fast start with this powerful business model


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Instant Image Pro

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You have Whitelabel Resale Rights to this software.

Whitelabel Resale Rights License Instant Image Pro Software Video Presentation Slides for Editing

Click here for installation instructions

Step 1. Upload the product to your site

After downloading your files, the first step is to upload everything to your website.

  1. Unzip the InstantImagePro.zip file from your desktop.
  2. Upload all the files inside folder ‘InstantImagePro’ to your the server location where you want the script to be installed. Or you can upload the folder ‘InstantImagePro’ to your server and then rename it.
  3. Now using your browser navigate to the folder that you uploaded to complete the install. Example: http://yoursite.com/InstantImagePro/
  4. Finally run the Install Wizard. For this step you need to enter database credentials which you will create in the next step.


Step 2. Create a database

Now that you have uploaded all the files, it’s time to set up your database (that’s where your members details will be stored). Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, it’s pretty easy!

  1. Log into your cPanel using the details provided by your host
  2. Under Databases, click on MySQL Databases
  3. In the New Database field, type a name (any) for the database
  4. Click on Create Database


Step 3. Create a database user

Continuing the database setup, here we will create a user for your database.

  1. Log into cPanel and under Databases, click on MySQL Databases.
  2. Click Jump to MySQL Users in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. Under Add New User, enter a username. Be sure that the username is 7 letters or shorter.
  4. Enter a password in the Password field.
  5. Click on Create User.

This video details how to create a database from Cpanel. Finally input your database name and username on the Install page to complete the installation.


Step 4. Rebrand your product

Now that your membership site has been fully installed it’s time to customize it.

  1. Click on Sign in in the top right and log in with your admin username and password
  2. On the top right again click on Admin then settings
  3. Under the settings page scroll down to Branding Options
  4. Change the Site name and Support email to match your business.
  5. Click Save changes.


Step 5. Create a paypal button

Here we will create a Paypal button so that you can take payment. You are free to use any other payment processors.

  1. Log into your Paypal Account.
  2. Click the Merchant Services tab, at the top of the page.merchant service area
  3. Click the Create Payment Buttons for Your website link.create_button_link
  4. On this page, click the Create a Buy Now button link.create_button_link_2
  5. Now Enter your item information, including the item name, price, currency etc.paypal_infomationpaypal_infomation1paypal_infomation2
  6. Here’s a list of all the important items you need to enter: Item name: Type in the name of the product (or service) you will sell with this button. Example: InstantImagePro Price: Enter the item price here. Currency: Decide what currency you’re accepting for your purchases. Checkout landing page :This is the page where buyers will get redirected after making a payment so that they can register. Make sure your delivery URL is /sign_up.php Example: http://yoursite.com/InstantImagePro/sign_up.php
  7. Next Click on Create Button.
  8. On this page, Select the Email option and Copy the button code.last_page


Step 6. Add a payment button

Finally you’ll need to add your payment button and redirect your buyers to the registration page.

  1. Click on Sign in in the top right and log in with your admin username and password
  2. On the top right again click on Admin then settings
  3. Under the settings page scroll down to Branding Options
  4. Change the Payment link as provided by your payment processor.
  5. Make sure your delivery URL is /sign_up.php (example: yoursite.com/InstantImagePro/sign_up.php). This is where your buyers should be redirected after making a payment so that they can register.sign_up