Azon List Explosion JV Details


This Easy-to-Mail Product + Killer Funnel
Pays You Up to $221.30 Per Sale

($5K JV Contest!)

We go live on Tuesday, April 23rd at 11:00AM EST…


Jay Boyer   (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: boyer.wood)
John S. Rhodes  (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: oristus)



This high-converting front end offer has broad appeal & LOTS of proof. It’s basically a case study showing how we generate over $1,000 every week through a small handful of Kindle books and added 2,000+ Amazon buyers to our Aweber list in 6 weeks using free Amazon traffic.

We’ve got tons of proof of income & list build, and it’s a perfect fit for people interested in biz-op, Amazon, Kindle, niche marketing, offline lead generation, and list build related offers. This front end product is completely loaded & your peeps will love you for recommending it!



We have an incredible sales funnel in place that’s going to MAKE YOU MONEY. First, we have a great $9.90 “no brainer” front end product (PDF + videos) with step-by step “how to” information that buyers desperately want… selling more books, making more money and growing their list from FREE Amazon traffic. Second, we have a tasty $67 OTO package showing how to PERFECTLY optimize Kindle Sales Pages (Amazon book listings), take control of Amazon Author Central and much more. And third, if they don’t take the OTO, we’ve got a great $27 downsell showing people how to create and launch a #1 best-seller in 48 hours. These are OTOs are proven sellers.

Here’s how the funnel breaks down:

  1. Front End – Azon List Explosion ($9.90…you keep 100% commissions)
  2. OTO #1 – Azon Sales Explosion ($67.00…you keep 50% commissions)
  3. OTO #2 – 48-Hour Book Formula ($37.00…you keep 50% commissions)
  4. WEBINAR — Children’s Book Formula ($297… you keep 50% commissions)
  5. More Products to Be Released to These Buyers in May! (all earning you passive $$$)

Maximum commission per customer = $221.30 + Sales from Lifetime Lead Tracking!



Win Over $5,000 in CASH!
In addition to this amazingly lucrative funnel, we also have over $5,000 up for grabs in our JV Contest.

Most Total Sales $2000.00
2nd Most Sales $ 750.00
3rd Most Sales $ 500.00
4th Most Sales $ 250.00
5th Most Sales $ 100.00
6th Most Sales $ 100.00
7th Most Sales $ 100.00
8th Most Sales $ 100.00
9th Most Sales $ 100.00
10th Most Sales $ 100.00
Most Sales Within
24 Hours
$ 500.00  
“Mystery Prize” Winner
(20 sales minimum)
$ 500.00  



Jim Cockrum, Dave Guindon, Paul J. Coleman, Ron Douglas, Rob Howard, James J. Jones, Daniel Hall, Tony Laidig, Chris Guthrie, Matt Rhodes, Connie Green, Rachel Rofe, Nicole Dean, Paul Counts, Peter Garety, Aidan Booth, Tina Williams, Trish Gilliam, Brian G. Johnson, Ryan Leonard, Jonny Andrews, Debbie Drum, Amy Harrop, Justin Quick, Hollis Carter, Adam Short, Derek Doepker, Paul Klein, Brad Gosse, Chris Winters, John S. Rhodes, Jay Boyer, and dozens more!



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Amazon List Explosion is an easy 3-step process

  1. Click here to join our affiliate program.
  2. Login to Nanacast. Get your ID from the top right of that page, similarly located in this screenshot:

  3. Insert your ID into the link below     :





  • We pay out every week if your commissions are over $500.
  • Otherwise, we pay out after our refund period (30 days after sale).
  • Lifetime lead tracking is used (through Nanacast), so you get commissions on all future internal launches and the same terms as above will apply.

John, and Jay have paid out well over $500,000 to partners and affiliates since 2012. We estimate that over $100,000 is highly passive, residual commissions. This is because we use lifetime lead tracking and hard database cookies via our Nanacast affiliate system.