Children’s Book Formula – Joint Venture Details


Jay Boyer   (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: boyer.wood)
John S. Rhodes  (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: oristus)



  1. Children’s Book Formula ($297 one time payment or $167 two-pay)
  2. Future J.J. Fast Launches (automatic lifetime commissions – see below)



  • 50% of $297 ($148.50 net commissions per sale).
  • 50% of 2-pay at $167 (2 x $83.50 net commissions per sale).
  • 1st full payment sent 5-7 days after webinar (extremely fast payout).
  • Replay sales and residuals paid out every 30 days.
  • Lifetime lead tracking used so our hosts get commissions on all future internal launches.
    This has put many thousands of dollars of “found money” into the hands of our partners.



Replay Link: //

We usually help our webinar hosts increase sales from 50% to upwards of 125% on the replay. If we collect leads and use our autoresponder sequence, we do very well for our hosts. We put a 3-5 day “timebomb” on the replay depending upon our arrangements with our webinar host.



We always set up accounts on a 1-to-1 basis. You will have your own login account and we will provide both Standard and Platinum access to the entire Children’s Book Formula member area so that you can see how everything is presented and look through the training for yourself.

We can also provide access to any of our other products, including our super popular “low end” products in the $7-$17 range which are great for dropping cookies and tagging your lead for all future purchases.



We converted at 19-23% with our partners at the $147 price point. We raised the price to $297 we’re converting at well over 20% still! We’ve had over 700 sales with a refund rate well below 1.5% … the bottom line is that everyone loves the webinar workshop and the course.

Here are some of the results that we are seeing, both internally and with a few of our webinar hosts:

==> House List
Selling Point: $147
Registrations: 1,722
Show Up Total: 620
Attendance: 36%
Total Earnings Per Reg: $13.40
Total Earnings Per Attendee: $33.68
Total Earnings Per Click: $6.59
==> JV Partner #1
Selling Point: $147
Registrations: 831
Show Up Total: 240
Attendance: 29%
Total Earnings Per Reg: $9.20
Total Earnings Per Attendee: $31.85
==> JV Partner #2
Selling Point: $297
Registrations: 220
Show Up Total: 82
Attendance: 37%
Total Earnings Per Reg: $28.00
Total Earnings Per Attendee: $75.13



We’ve paid out well over $300,000 to our partners and affiliates. We estimate that over $85,000 is highly passive, residual commissions. This is because we use lifetime lead tracking and hard database cookies. When we launch *internally* our JV partners and affiliates get 50% of all sales. For example, on a recent small launch over a weekend… we paid out over $12K to our affiliates although no outside JV traffic was used. Furthermore, we have an impenetrable balance sheet and we pay out like clockwork. We are super reliable webinar partners.