Forbidden Kindle Re-Launch – JV Information

Earn $5.72 EPC’s on our most profitable webinar ever!

Relaunch September 16th – 23rd

$4,000 JV Leads Contest!


James J. Jones   (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: james88499s)
Matt Rhodes   (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: mattewwrhodes)
Jay Boyer   (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: boyer.wood)
John S. Rhodes  (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: oristus)



We launched this how-to Kindle group coaching program earlier this year, and generated over $250,000 in sales and HUGE epc’s for our affiliates.

We’re now relaunching this course as a 16 week drip-fed membership site at the original $997 price point, and offering new members an additional 4 weeks of live trainings that will take them past the 30-day refund period. Attendees loved this high-converting webinar presentation, which we’ll be running live at least twice during this launch before we close cart on Sept. 23rd


  • 50% of $997 ($498.50 net commissions per sale).
  • 1st full payment sent 5-7 days after webinar (extremely fast payout).
  • Replay sales and residuals paid out every 30 days.
  • Lifetime lead tracking used so our hosts get commissions on all future internal launches.
    This has put many thousands of dollars of “found money” into the hands of our partners.



Win Over $4,000 in CASH!
In addition to this amazingly lucrative funnel, we also have over $4,000 up for grabs in our JV Leads Contest.

Most Total Leads $2000.00
2nd Most Leads $ 750.00
3rd Most Leads $ 500.00
4th Most Leads $ 250.00
5th Most Leads $ 100.00
6th Most Leads $ 75.00
7th Most Leads $ 50.00
8th Most Leads $ 50.00
9th Most Leads $ 50.00
10th Most Leads $ 50.00



Replay Link: //

We have a proven followup email sequence for all webinar registrants, who will be sent a “time bomb” replay page and PDF summary of this high-value webbie presentation following the Thursday webinar…all cookied to YOU and designed to optimize your commissions.

Your registrants will also be hard-cookied via our Nanacast affiliate system to YOU, meaning that you’ll be receiving commission for all future product purchases made by these registrants moving forward.



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John and Jay have paid out well over $500,000 commission to our partners and affiliates. We estimate that over $85,000 is highly passive, residual commissions. This is because we use lifetime lead tracking and hard database cookies. When we launch *internally* our JV partners and affiliates get 50% of all sales. For example, on a recent small launch over a weekend… we paid out over $12K to our affiliates although no outside JV traffic was used. Furthermore, we have an impenetrable balance sheet and we pay out like clockwork. We are super reliable webinar partners.

THE TAKEAWAY: It pays to let us cookie your leads by sending them to our custom registration page to sign up for this webinar.