Super Easy Books Joint Venture Details

This Easy-to-Mail Product + Killer Funnel
Pays You Up to $291.00 Per Sale

($16K JV Contest!)

We go live on Tuesday, January 15th at 12:00 Noon EST…


James J. Jones   (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: james88499s)
Matt Rhodes   (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: mattewwrhodes)
Jay Boyer   (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: boyer.wood)
John S. Rhodes  (Contact Info: [email protected] / skype: oristus)



This high-converting front end offer has a broad “biz opp” appeal and it’s priced to SELL, and will do particularly well for any jv’s with lists interested in product creation in general & Amazon / Kindle book publishing specifically. This product will show people how make money quickly and easily by publishing picture books to Kindle using nothing but images they’ve already taken on their iPhone!



We have an incredible sales funnel in place that’s going to MAKE YOU MONEY. First, we have a great $7 “no brainer” front end product (PDF + videos) with step-by step “how to” information that buyers desperately want. Second, we have a tasty $127 OTO package showing how to drive your books to the top of the Amazon Bestseller Lists, including the brand new Kindle Category Hawk Software. Third, there will be a $47 “software only” downsell.

Here’s how the funnel breaks down:

  1. Front End – Super Easy Book ($7.00…you keep 100% commissions)
  2. OTO #1 – Kindle Bestseller System ($127.00…you keep 50% commissions)
  3. OTO #2 – Kindle Category Hawk Software ($37.00…you keep 50% commissions)
  4. More Products to Be Released to These Buyers in February! (all earning you passive $$$)

Maximum commission per customer = $291.00 bucks!



Win Over $5,000 in CASH…GOLD…Silver…and MORE!
In addition to this amazingly lucrative funnel, we also have over $16,000 up for grabs in our JV Contest.

Most Total Sales $2000.00  + 10 Gold Bars + 10 Silver Coins!
2nd Most Sales $ 750.00  + 1 Gold Bar + 1 Silver Coin!
3rd Most Sales $ 500.00  + 1 Gold Bar + 1 Silver Coin!
4th Most Sales $ 250.00  + 1 Gold Bar + 1 Silver Coin!
5th Most Sales $ 100.00  + 1 Gold Bar + 1 Silver Coin!
6th Most Sales $ 100.00  + 1 Gold Bar + 1 Silver Coin!
7th Most Sales $ 100.00  + 1 Gold Bar + 1 Silver Coin!
8th Most Sales $ 50.00  + 1 Gold Bar + 1 Silver Coin!
9th Most Sales $ 50.00  + 1 Gold Bar + 1 Silver Coin!
10th Most Sales $ 50.00  + 1 Gold Bar + 1 Silver Coin!
Most Sales Within
24 Hours
$ 500.00  
“Mystery Prize” Winner
(20 sales minimum)
$ 500.00  



Promoting Super Easy Books is an easy 3-step process!

  1. Click here to join our affiliate program.
  2. Login to Nanacast. Get your ID from the top right of that page, similarly located in this screenshot:

  3. Insert your ID into the link below     :

You can track your sales in real time at this page:



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Daniel Hall, Jim Cockrum, Peter Garety, Paul Counts, Rachel Rofe, Brian Johnson, Aidan Booth, Tony Laidig, Connie Green, Justin Quick, Teresa Miller, Amy Harrop, Jeff Wellman, Debbie Drum, Keith Dougherty, Johnny Andrews, Nicole Dean, Tina Williams, Trish Gilliam, Hollis Carter, Sam England, Steve Lindhorst, Eric Holmlund, James J. Jones, John S. Rhodes, Matt Rhodes, Jay Boyer, and dozens more!



We always set up accounts on a 1-to-1 basis. You will have your own login account and we will provide both Standard and Upgraded access to the entire Super Easy Books member area so that you can see how everything is presented and look through the training for yourself.

We can also provide access to any of our other products, including our super popular “low end” products in the $7-$17 range which are great for dropping cookies and tagging your lead for all future purchases.



  • 1st full payment sent 5-7 days after webinar (extremely fast payout).
  • Replay sales and residuals paid out every 30 days.
  • Lifetime lead tracking used so our hosts get commissions on all future internal launches.

James, Matt, John, and Jay have paid out well over $500,000 to our partners and affiliates in 2012. We estimate that over $100,000 is highly passive, residual commissions. This is because we use lifetime lead tracking and hard database cookies via our Nanacast affiliate system.