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Limited Time Bonus – $12,332.00 Value!
from The Amazon Guys:

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“This is hands down the BEST Bonus Package for Amazing Cash Machines… no question! If you’re thinking about investing in Amazing Cash Machines purchase it through the Amazon Guys”
~from customer Kelly Powell

IMPORTANT: We’ve crafted this exclusive bonus package with one purpose in mind: to help YOU get the most out of the Amazing Selling Machines system. To do this we have personally gone through the entire ASM system ourselves, and assembled this valuable bonus package to perfectly complement Matt & Jason’s core training.

We have a combined 22 years experience in selling on Amazon, and our goal is to help you get up, running, and PROFITABLE as quickly as possible with your new ASM business.


Bonus #1

Azon Power Pack Software Suite (Value = $4,800)

We spent thousands of dollars developing these 4 brand new software tools exclusively for our new Amazon Selling Machine members with a single purpose in mind: to give you an “unfair advantage” in every phase of your product development. And yes, all of these tools work on both a Mac and a PC…they’re all yours, have a look!:

  1. Amazon Product Sniper — With the click of a mouse, you be able to instantly target the very best Amazon Product Opportunities using our exclusive Triangulation Formula (TF). This tool will save you hours of research!
    CLICK HERE to watch a video demo!
  2. Azon Spyglass — After you’ve found a Product Opportunity use this tool to quickly gather valuable intel about your competitors products, allowing you to move in and dominate your product category.
  3. CLICK HERE to watch a video demo!

  4. Azon Oracle — When you’re ready to list your product use this tool to make sure you aren’t missing any vital packing and shipping instructions that could delay or even prevent your product from going live on Amazon.
  5. Video coming soon!

  6. Azon Alert — After your product goes live on Amazon this tool will monitor your product listing(s) and notify you if it detects your product has been “hijacked” by an unscrupulous seller (watch out — this could cost you thousands!)
  7. Video coming soon!

If you had to hire a developer to create all of these specialized software for your own ASM business, it would cost you over $4,800.00 (we know…we’ve paid them already!). However, you’ll receive “forever access” to all 4 or these powerful tools (and all future updates) simply by investing in Amazon Selling Machines using the link at the bottom of this page.

Bonus #2

Azon Product Einstein! (Value = $997)

So how do you know what product to sell in the first place? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, because with Azon Product Einstein you’ll receive access to our exclusive system to finding amazingly profitable product opportunities on Amazon. That’s right, we’ve already done the homework for you! (FYI, here’s how we cherry-pick the hottest private label products that you can sell on Amazon):

  1. First, we use the Amazon API along with cutting edge software and a high speed server to sniff out the best product opportunites.
  2. Then we screen all this potential products by looking at the Amazon Best Seller Rank and the Competitive Seller Rank (CSR) to further refine the data.
  3. Next, we determine if Amazon is buying traffic to send to the product page for the items on our short list of product opportunites.
  4. And finally, we deliver to you a complete in depth report with our analysis and recommendations for each of the product opportunities.

If it sounds complicated, not to worry. Here’s all you really need to know about this amazing bonus: we’ve done all the research and crunched the numbers so you won’t have to…all you’ll need to do is plug any one of these hot products into Matt and Jason’s system!

(NOTE – we currently have over 180 exclusive Product Einstein Reports that we’ll be sending your way!).

Bonus #3

Azon “Silver Platter” (Value = PRICELESS)

This bonus is one you won’t be able to find anywhere else….guaranteed. It’s our most valuable bonus that we’re offering on this page, because we’re basically going to do all of the “hard work” for your new ASM business for you.

Here’s how it works: You send us your product, and we’ll have our professional photographer take 6-8 super-pro looking product photos that you can use on your product page on Amazon. This could be the difference between a top-selling product in your category earning thousands of dollars every day, and a product that will never make more than a handful of sales a month.
And get this: we’ll also be writing your entire product description for you! We’ve done this hundreds of times for our own Amazon products, and we know exactly how to position your product and just the right language to use to get potential customers clicking the “Buy Now” button over and over again. Our on-staff copywriter will craft a smoking-hot product name, features, and description exactly like Matt and Jason recommend in the ASM course.

Bonus #4

Private “Look-In” Classes w/the Azon Guys (Value = $1,997)

Maybe you’re worried that you might need a mentor to guide you through the “ins and outs” of getting your new ASM business up and running. Well you’re in luck, because now you’ve got 4 coaches with a combined 22 years of experience selling on Amazon!

That’s right, we want to help you get out of the gates — and into profitability — as quickly as possible, and that’s why we’re offering you 4 weeks of live coaching (ask us anything…you’ll be getting true insider access!). We call these trainings “Look In Classes” because you’ll actually be able to watch over our shoulder as we walk you through every step of the process.

So how do we know so much about this system? Because we’ve already created our own ASM businesses in 2013 earning us thousands every month! And who better than “The Amazon Guys” to help you get off to a FAST start with this powerful business model (and show you some of our “insider secrets” along the way!).

Bonus #5

Done-For-You Product Sourcing (Value = $497)

One of the first big hurdles in your new ASM business will be to find a manufacturer that you can source your product from – cheaply and reliably. Of course it’s no secret that most consumer products are manufactured in China these days, but finding the right one can take days (and even weeks!) of research to locate the perfect overseas manufacturer.

The good news is that we’ve already got “feet on the ground” in China from our own ASM business! This means that you’ll be able to leverage our man-power to find the top suppliers for the product of your choice.

You won’t have to jump on a plane to China…you won’t have to take a language course in Mandarin…and you won’t even have to lift a finger to find the perfect manufacturer. Just send us the details of your product and we’ll do the rest!

Bonus #6

Live Event Mastermind & “Golden Notes” (Value = $1,497)

If you decide to go to the Live Event in January, we will have an In-Person Mastermind with you the day before the ASM event begins. You’ll be able to meet James, John, Jay, and Matt face-to-face, and any questions that you like, and participate in this all-day mastermind session. Oh yeah…we’ll also take you out for dinner & drinks at the end of the day as a reward for working so hard on your new venture.

But, what if you can’t make it to the Live Event? We have that covered for you as well…

Introducing Ashley Zee! Ashley has worked for James Jones for almost five years. She has many talents but one of her most impressive “Super Powers” is her amazing Note Taking abilities… now, you may scoff at that now BUT you will absolutely love Ashley when you get your copy of the 3 days worth of “golden notes” from the ASM Live Event (and our In-Person Mastermind).

Ashley takes the most complete and comprehensive notes of anyone on the planet! When you read the notes you will almost think you were there in person…and it’ll save you the cost of airfare and hotel if you simply can’t or don’t want to attend the live event.

Bonus #7

PDF “Cheatsheets” of All ASM Video Trainings (Value = $997)

Here’s the good news: There are almost 100 video trainings loaded up and waiting for you inside the Amazing Selling Machine members area. It’s really the most comprehensive training of it’s kind…and over-the-shoulder video training like this is the best way to learn about this lucrative new business model.

And here’s the bad news: There is a problem that we noticed right away with this training…the format is too “video heavy.” There are no pdf guides available for students to download and review to supplement the original video training. And so we created them…dozens of PDF guides to accompany every single video training inside the ASM members area!

That’s right, I had one of our staff writers (at considerable expense) went through every video training, and actually summarized the most important information covered by Matt and Jason. She then added screenshots from the very same videos, so that you’ll be able to watch, listen, and READ this training as you walk through this system module by module and they will be provided as the lessons are released. Of course, these exclusive PDF Cheatsheets are only available to people that invest through our link below.

Bonus #8

Total Access: “Azon Guys” Facebook Mastermind (Value = $297)

Think you could use one more way to get your most important questions answered personally by us as you work your way through this extensive ASM Training? Want to connect with other members to exchange ideas, find an accountability partner, or share your success stories? That would be really useful, right?

Well that’s exactly why we created this Private “Azon Guys” Facebook group…to give you one more way for you to get personal access to James, Jay, John, and Matt! Ask us any question that you like, or post a question to any of the members in the group (many of which are already up and running with their ASM business since June!).

Bonus #9

Azon Guys ASM Business “Safety Net” (Value = $1,250)

Are you worried about getting your ASM business off the ground? Are you thinking about your product and your inventory? Are you a little bit freaked out that you need to invest more money? Well, fear not!

First, invest in ASM using this link. Make an honest effort to be successful. Then, if after 30 days of listing your product it isn’t selling enough to make you happy we’ll buy it back it from you and cover your inventory cost up to $1000! PLUS, we’ll give you $250.00 for your time and effort. And, there’s no rush! You have until January 2nd to activate your Azon Guys Safety Net.

You just need to join ASM through this link. Then, implement the training in Modules 1-6, get your badges and use our “Silver Platter” Done-For-You Service. You’re just going to take action! Throw us a screenshot of your badges, of course. And, be sure to spend less than $1K on inventory and get your product listed. This is so simple and fair because there’s no additional work or gotchas. But, we still provide you with a true Safety Net.

Bonus Value

What is the Value of All These Bonuses?

The “real world” value of these bonuses is impossible to quantify, because you’ll be receiving custom software, done-for-you products & research, and personal attention from 4 proven Amazon experts.

But, let’s try…just to put it into perspective:

1.) “Azon Power-Pack” Software Suite: Value = $4,800.00

$4,800.00 = Unlimited access to 4 Powerful new Amazon Software Tools (we built these for YOU!)
Priceless = Guaranteed compatible – Works on both a PC or Mac…we’ve got you covered either way!
Priceless = Instant insider information (“spy” on the best-selling products in your niche)
Priceless = Peace of mind knowing that your most successful products are protected

2.) Azon Product Einstein! Value = $997.00

$997.00 = 200+ Product Einstein Special Reports – Exclusive!
Priceless = Time saved with this done-for-you product research
Priceless = Competitve Seller Rank (CSR) Data Mining (we’ve already crunched all the #’s)
Priceless = At-a-Glance analysis & recommendations on the BEST specific opportunities

3.) Azon “Silver Platter” (Value = PRICELESS)

$3,200.00 = All 4 experts attending class for 2 hours ($400/hour)
Priceless = Your product niche analyzed (the right niche means everything!)
Priceless = In-depth analysis of what is working BEST
Priceless = Getting your important pressing questions answered

4.) Private “Look-In” Classes w/the Azon Guys Value = $1,997.00

$2,500.00 = Conservative cost to pay, fly, and lodge your Virtual Assistant
Priceless = “Done-for-You” Note-Taking
Priceless = Using the Amazon Guys to help apply the information to your business
Priceless = Ability to meet the Amazon Guys LIVE

5.) Done-For-You Product Sourcing Value = $497.00

$497.00 = Save you time and money finding the perfect product manufacturer
Priceless = Access to several suppliers so you can bargain for the best wholesale price
Priceless = No need to fly to China yourself…language barrier eliminated
Priceless = Our team actually speaks Chinese and can negotiate for you

6.) Live Event Mastermind & “Golden Notes” Value = $1,497.00

$2,500.00 = Conservative cost to pay, fly, and lodge your Virtual Assistant
Priceless = “Done-for-You” Note-Taking
Priceless = Using the Amazon Guys to help apply the information to your business
Priceless = Ability to meet the Amazon Guys LIVE

7.) PDF “Cheatsheets” of All ASM Video Trainings Value = $997.00

8.) Total Access: “Azon Guys” Facebook Mastermind Value = $297

9.) Azon Guys ASM Business “Safety Net” Value = $1,250

Total Value of this Exclusive Bonus Package: $12,332.00+

Of course, those are our Bonuses for you!
Here’s What You Get w/the Amazing Selling Machine Builder’s Kit:

  • Full 8-week Web Class program
    designed to quickly build you a profitable business selling REAL products on Amazon
  • Membership to the world’s most elite community
    of entrepreneurs using this business model to interact, grow, and partner with for incredibly fast and lucrative results
  • 7 proprietary software tools specifically built for this business
    that Matt & Jason don’t share with anyone because of how powerful they are. You get a full 2-year, unrestricted access to all of them.
  • Access to the private, members-only 3-day Amazing Selling Machine Workshop Event
    to be held in Austin, Texas in late January 2013. (Members will receive all the details.)

Full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Customer results are our #1 priority. Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback along with the four of us — Amazon Guys — are going to work with you hand-in-hand to help you build your own successful, profitable business selling real products on Amazon. But, if at any time in the first 30 days you’re not 100% ecstatic with the Amazing Selling Machine program, Matt and Jason will give you a 100%, no-questions-asked refund.

But we’ll take it a step further… if you ask for a refund and don’t receive it within a reasonable time we — the Amazon Guys — will give you your money back out of our pockets. That’s how confident we are in the integrity of Matt and Jason.