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Matt W. Rhodes’s 4 Minute Backlinks

Inside the 5 video training modules inside 4 Minute Backlinks, you’ll learn:

  • * Why generic, “one-size-fits-all” backlinks have failed to get the results you need and what you can do about it (Module 1)
  • Types of “magic tools” you MUST avoid in order to prevent your websites from being permanently blacklisted in Google (Module 1)
  • How Google has been LYING to you and keeping you completely in the dark about your website’s backlinks (Module 1)
  • How to use massive _________ to get more high PR backlinks with less time and money (Module 1)
  • Why you absolutely MUST conduct Backlink Research before creating your backlinking campaign – don’t use the wrong backlinks!(Module 2)
  • How to do “Google Judo” and use Google’s own technology to reveal exactly what types of backlinks to create (Module 2)
  • My secret tools for analyzing keyword phrases for competition to pick the best “low-hanging fruit” in less than 9 seconds (Module 2)
  • A little-known strategy for analyzing the keyword “magnetism” of any website – steal competitors keywords or rank for phrases you never thought possible (Module 2)
  • 10 easy, organic sources to use for an endless stream of high PR, low-effort backlinks that you can create anytime you want (Module 3)
  • My personal experiences with a certain “type” of backlinks and how they’ve drastically changed my search engine rankings…this will totally blow you away (Module 3)
  • A low-cost, high-value method that has single-handedly put my niche websites on page one of Google (Module 3)
  • A SUPER SIMPLE technique that has proven to multiply my backlinks and get results for me, year after year – plus it’s 100% FREE(Module 3)
  • How to use virtual assistants to “magically” create your own simple organic backlink machine with very little effort (Module 4)
  • My #1 source of virtual assistants revealed, and why I almost exclusively use that single source now (Module 4)
  • An example of just one organic, high PR backlinking machine and how to use it to maximize your _________. Copy this blueprint and use it for your own websites! (Module 4)
  • The secret to scaling your online business to streamline organic backlink creation and get more traffic at a lower cost (Module 4)
  • Three powerful advanced backlinking strategies that “Pro Marketers” can use to get page one rankings for super-competitive keywords (Module 5)
  • A ridiculously simple “why didn’t I think of that?” strategy for getting as many FREE backlinks as you want (Module 5)
  • The “______-_____ ___________” strategy for creating a vast network of backlinks that create a permanent page one rank(Module 5)
  • How to use the “Authority Backlink Magnet” to get super-effective backlinks from high-profile organizations (Module 5)

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