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John & Jay’s Viral Image Mega-Pack

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Viral Meme Machine

  • Answers the question ‘What the heck is a meme?’
  • Learn how to create professional meme graphics quickly and easily
  • Learn how to have more interaction with your followers
  • Learn how to grab and keep people’s attention with graphics
  • Learn how to GO VIRAL!


Super-Easy Info-Graphics

  • Learn how to quickly and easily get a complex message across to your audience
  • We walk you through from beginning to end how to add your message to the easy to understand templates
  • Watch over our shoulder as we break down even advanced graphic creation
  • We’ll have you creating infographics in seconds!


Super-Easy Banner Creator

  • Everything you need to create or freshen up a website
  • 20+ templates to get you started – ranging from full design to blank transparent
  • Over 175 image files ranging from built-in gradients, to lighting effects, to buttons, to stock images!


100 Animated Graphics

  • 100+ website designed graphics ranging from buy now links to video players!
  • Takes the hard work and HTML coding out of the equasion and lets you quickly and easily create awesome professional animated headlines, ribbons, video boxes, and more!
  • 25 custom HTML templates included FREE for more customization!


30 How-to Gimp Videos

  • How to navigate the user interface
  • How to use each tool
  • How to create your own brushes
  • How to make editing easier with layers
  • How to install scripts to make effects easier

John & Jay’s Offer

Product Name: Viral Image Mega-Pack
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Guarantee: 7 days
Original Price/Discount: $127   $37

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