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John & Jay’s Kindle Super-Pack

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  • You only have 2 seconds to grab the attention of a browser. Your book cover is the only thing they’ll see: find out how to make it sell your book
  • The first thing your should do before getting a book cover
  • The 7 things that your book cover needs
  • What’s the best kind of link you can get to maximize your sales? (hint: it’s not a google link…not even the #1 link)
  • How you can make money from your book…without selling a single copy!
  • A sneaky way to hijack other people’s Amazon pages to turn into links for your book (they might even thank you!)
  • Why the format of your book description matters as much as what you write
  • The comprehensive 5 step book description template that will convert browsers into readers in seconds!
  • The easiest, fastest way to become an Amazon #1 Bestseller!
  • Find out how to get sales tracking data for all of your books, for FREE
  • The secret to creating book descriptions that stand out from the competition: you look professional, they look like chumps!
  • PLUS: get 5 book cover templates you can easily customize to use for ALL of your books!

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