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Matt Rhodes’ Infoproduct Empire

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You get all of my infoproduct creation tactics delivered in 5 easy-to-read reference PDF modules…

  1. Quick Start Module
  2. Infoproduct Research Module
  3. Product Positioning Module
  4. Thud Factor Module
  5. Infoproduct Outsourcing Module

In the 5 powerful modules inside Infoproduct Empire, you’ll discover:

  • How to strategically create a business using virtual assistants to build Infoproducts for you (Module 1)
  • My “5 Question” process for analyzing the profitability of an Infoproduct market – avoid wasting time developing Infoproducts that don’t sell! (Module 1)
  • Not sure what product to create yet? I’ve included an easy reference list of over 51 proven Clickbank sellers to help you overcome “analysis paralysis” (Module 1)
  • How to effortlessly find pressing questions that your market will pay to have answered…rinse-and-repeat for an endless stream of Infoproduct ideas (Module 2)
  • Free sources where you can legally “steal” data to let you know what niches and types of Infoproducts are selling the best (Module 2)
  • Secrets for quickly analyzing your research data and converting it into a simple, high-value Infoproduct (Module 2)
  • The two major types of Infoproducts and how you can use the knowledge to easily increase sales by up to 2x or more with virtually no effort (Module 3)
  • How to position and properly label your Infoproducts to ensure you’re maximizing your profitability while spending as little effort as possible (Module 3)
  • Real-world examples and price points of potential Infoproduct types, what you can include to increase value, product positioning, and more (Module 3)
  • The powerful “Thud Factor” method for drastically increasing the perceived value of your offer without any extra effort (Module 4)
  • My secret technique for skyrocketing customer satisfaction and lowering refunds immediately after the purchase – this has NOTHING to do with offering bonuses (Module 4)
  • The BIG “Thud Factor” List – 22 easy ways to add value (and make more money) from virtually any niche Infoproduct (Module 4)
  • My comprehensive list of the best tactics for using virtual assistants to rapidly create super high-quality Infoproducts that SELL (Module 5)
  • A simple, easy, low-effort way that anyone can use to have a virtual assistant create near-instant cash flow for you – you’ll LOVE this one… (Module 5)
  • How “offliners” can use virtual assistants to attract more local business clients or easily upsell existing clients on new (lucrative!) services (Module 5)

PLUS, blowout customers get 4 extra bonuses for FREE…normally $97, download Infoproduct Empire today for only $17.

Matt Rhodes’ Offer

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